The fifth presenters in the MLGRG speaker series is Dr. Ayse Saka-Helmhout, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, UK. Friday, Feb 29, 2012.  


The presentation titled


Organizational Responses to Contradicting Institutions in the European Airline Industry 

In her presentation for a joint paper, Ayse tried to explain how and why firms differ in their organizational response when they are embedded in multiple institutional fields. Focusing on the European airline industry, she ask, through a comparative case study, how the combined exposure to national logics (i.e. legitimacy requirements stemming from the institutional context, in particular employee and union relations) and market logics of the field (economic pressures to lower costs) play out in the configuration and change of firm-level employment and union relations. The findings of the research show that organizations address competing demands through i) inter-unit hybridization where practices remain in-tact within each unit and reflect the reinterpretation of institutions overall, and ii) intra-unit hybridization where there is the layering of new elements over existing institutions which can gradually change their status, or the displacement of institutions where there is the activation of dormant institutional resources. The study contributes to the Varieties of Capitalism (VoC) literature by demonstrating the role of conflicting institutional demands in generating change, hence urging us to reconsider the nature and function of complementarities in shaping and constraining institutional change. It also points to the central role played by actors in creating new forms of stakeholder collaboration and organizing.

Prior to joining the Surrey Business School in 2007, Ayse worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Business and Management, as well as a Research Fellow in the Department of International Economics and Business, University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She holds a PhD from Warwick Business School. Her research questions the nature of the relationship between MNEs and their institutional environments, focusing on the discretion and freedom that MNEs have in responding to their environments owing to inconsistencies between different institutional environments. Her work highlights how MNEs respond to institutional contradictions through translation and situated practice-based learning processes. She has published on these issues in journals such as Organization Studies, British Journal of Management, Journal of World Business and  Management International Review. She serves as a Senior Editor for Organization Studies and is on the editorial board of British Journal of Management.

Dr. Saka-Helmhout and Dr. Farashahi before the presentation