Academy of Management (7-11 August 2009, Chicago, IL, USA)


Showcase symposium: MNEs from Emerging Economies: Would they displace multinationals from developed countries?

Co-organizers/co-chairs: Ali Taleb and Rick Molz



Paper: How does the field of strategy keep a consistent ethos?

Author: Guilherme Azevedo



Paper: Blind Men Disagree on Elephants...Cultural Change from Divergent Theoretical Perspectives

Author: Guilherme Azevedo


Paper: Interorganizational Collectivism

Author: Abdulrahman Chikhouni


Paper: Understanding Strategy through Strategic Organizational Practices

Author: Gwyneth Edwards


Paper: Institutional Distance and MNC Strategy

Authors: Taïeb Hafsi, Gwyneth Edwards, Mehdi Farashahi, and Rick Molz


Paper: Kitty Hawk in the Classroom: A Simulation Exercise for Creative and Entrepreneurial Behavior

Authors: Sergio Janczak, Reg Litz, Dell McStay, and Carolyn Birmingham


Paper: Developing Capabilities for Proactive Sustainability Strategies

Authors: Catalin Ratiu, Sanjay Sharma, and Rick Molz


Paper: Emergent Global Strategy: Role of Local Institutional Strategy and Subsidiary Leadership Attributes

Author: Ali Taleb



Academy of International Business (27-30 June 2009, San Diego, CA, USA)


Paper: In Accord or Discord? Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Theory in International Context

Authors: Faiza Muhammad and Mehdi Farashahi


Paper: An Institutional Explanation of Crossvergence

Authors: Ashar Saleem and Mehdi Farashahi


Panel: Impacts of the Global Financial and Economic Crisis: Does Gender Matter?

Panelist: Pamela Lirio


Paper: Local-Global Duality, Subsidiary Strategic Behaviour, and Corporate Strategy Evolution: A Dynamic Model

Author: Ali Taleb


Administrative Science Association of Canada (6-9 June 2009, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada)


Paper: Optimal Interfirm Network Structures: Managing Embeddedness

Author: Abdulrahman Chikhouni


Paper: Bridging the digital divide: the case of Bell, Nortel and Chapleau, Ontario

Author: Gwyneth Edwards


Paper: Paths to convergence: A Review of Corporate Sustainability and the Strategic Management Process

Authors: Catalin Ratiu, Rick Molz, and Sanjay Sharma


Paper: Bombardier Aerospace: The CSeries Dilemma

Authors: Ali Taleb and Louis Hebert



Eastern Academy of Management (13-16 May 2009, Hartford, CT, USA)


Paper: Strategic planning in pluralistic settings: Exploring strategizing practices as dynamic capabilities within MNCs

Author: Ali Taleb


European Group of Organizational Studies (2-4 July 2009, Barcelona, Spain)


Paper: An interdisciplinary review of cultural encounters

Author: Guilherme Azevedo

Paper: The reconstruction of strategic organizational practices

Authors: Gwyneth Edwards, Rick Molz, and Ann Langley


Shanghai Forum (11-12 May 2009, Shanghai, China)


Paper: Unraveling the Chinese Institutional Tango: Exploring the institutional and competitive dynamics underlying the Chinese double-track strategy

Author: Ali Taleb


Strategic Management Society (11-14 October 2009, Washington, DC, USA)


Paper: Understanding Business Group origins: The Role of Institutional Environment

Author: Natalya Totskaya