Report on the 2010 event by Gwyneth Edwards

Montreal business professionals and academic researchers huddle on the challenges and opportunities of doing business internationally

The Montreal Local Global Research Group, a think tank of scholars from the four Montreal university business schools, invited prominent Montreal businessmen to speak about doing business in countries such as India and China. Distinguished speakers from Walter International, Rio Tinto Alcan, Pirelli Tire, GDNP Consulting and Bombardier came together on Friday, April 30th, at the new John Molson School of Business building, with over 100 researchers and business professionals. Conference attendees engaged with executives and scholars on the challenges and opportunities of related to the internationalization of Canadian corporations.

“An interactive format between business professionals and academics is crucial towards gaining a shared understanding of the challenges faced by Canadian corporations doing business internationally. As scholars, we need to hear firsthand about the challenges and opportunities, so we can establish meaningful research agendas,” says Dr. Mehdi Farashahi, professor of management at John Molson School of Business. “Our conferences are a necessary and important event that links business practice and research more closely.”

The one day conference was the second of its kind held by the Montreal Local Global Research Group, which invites prominent scholars to partake in the event. This year, distinguished researchers include Dr. Ravi Ramamurti from Northeastern University and Dr. Eleanor Westney from York University. Together with prominent Montreal academics, they will face the challenging questions presented to them by Nigel Steward (VP, Rio Tinto Alcan), Pierre Somers (CEO, Walter International), Marco Zambianchi (President, Pirelli Tire), Tony Meti (CEO, GDNP Consulting) and Barry MacKinnon (Director, Bombardier). The conference attracted Montreal business professionals, researchers and students for a one day exchange of ideas.


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